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Business Ethics

Conscious entrepreneur!

What to pay attention to?
Conscious entrepreneurship” as a term is on the rise in business-related articles and analysis of businesses that are driven by values. What does it mean to bring more consciousness in business as well?


“A conscious entrepreneur does business with their values and well-being at the forefront of everything”

business strategist

Lisa Princic


Consciousness, by definition, involves awareness of self (thoughts, emotions, movements) and the world around (others, environment). While general awareness seems more of a neutral term when applied to business, consciousness implies being driven by values of not only “doing no harm”, but actually benefiting others while caring for the planet.

Conscious entrepreneurs link up with conscious consumers, a group willing to pay for ethical services and products that are congruent with people and planet care that is slowly but steadily growing.
As humans, we are yet to fully understand and improve the relationship with money in a way that is beneficial for self, others and nature. A way that is free from exploitative mindsets, that links the material and spiritual realms and that creates benefits for all those involved.

With all the bad reputation business has been righteously accumulating in time as money-driven, planet-destructive and people-profiteering – it pays to be conscious in business.
Ethical businesses feel good and they also make money
Conscious entrepreneurship is about putting values first, being driven by the intention to contribute to community welfare, taking care of clients, selling the truth behind a product while also making profit in the process.


This was supposedly the standard practice in business all along. Minus the environmental care, which was taken for granted for too long. Many small business owners operating at the level of community, valuing the relationships their existence is dependent on, are probably fitting the conscious entrepreneur framework without realizing.
Now it is easier than ever to imagine a world of ethical business. We support this process by contributing to the online promotion of brands built by conscious entrepreneurs. If you fit this description, leave a comment with your project and your goal.


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