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Following Your Passion With Awareness

Check out this AHA moment

Let’s say for one moment this is an axiom:

“We are energy, and our avatars generates a particular unique frequency”.

This vibration is unique because of the series of actions and reactions experienced in our lives until a certain point. The funny thing about how our brain works is that we have a SET-POINT for this certain point. This is the moment in our lives when the brain stops changing the frequency. And this is the moment when a BELIEF is born.

From this SET-POINT, we experience life only by taking snapshots from reality at different rates, and the brain fills the blanks with the frequency (or belief) already established. Our personal filter to reality = our ego!

That’s it! We are what we are, and we experience what we experience because of this frequency, which will change ONLY on certain conditions (brain trauma, AHA moment or living with a passion)


Sow if you want to change the frequency and the belief wich not helping you to experience a beautiful life here now, and you don’t want to wait for brain trauma or an AHA moment to happen (these are unpredictable and hard to recognize 🙂 ) I recommend to start following your passion.

When you do something with passion (eat, smell, walk, love, touch, learn, create, make mistakes… ), your brain will enter in Gamma State (25 to 100Hz) and will continue to change this SET-POINT to a new level and will never go back to the frequency you spread before.

That’s it! I know for sure your brain will fill the blanks from your Set-Point!

Sow, this is a question to look for in your following meditation: “What belief (set point on your changing frequency) you have wich stoping you to experience the life of the succes antreprenor and what you can do to change the way you vibrate ?”


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